frida-lm96 Hi!!! where are you from, and what made you like Norway so much? ^^ Im from Norway, and right now its snowing! -.- klem fra Frida ;3

Heyy! I’m actually from a small town in New York, it’s like awful here, I always thought Norway was gorgeous because of how well they preserved the beauty of nature there, I love the architecture especially in Bergen, I’ve never actually been to Norway but I’d love to visit. It’s summer here and it’s 80 degrees haha so I wouldn’t love the snow right now!!

Posted 4 months ago
kokomoinmyheart My favorite norwegian artists (that also sing in norwegian) (in no particular order): kaizers orchetra, siri nilsen, geir zahl, jannove ottsen and john olav nielsen og gjengen. Lars vaular, gabrielle, dde, skambankt and tungtvann are also norwegian and song norwegian. There is a wikipedia page that lista more (also those that sing in english). Cheers. (:

Thank you!! :)

Posted 7 months ago
osmiroid Do know of any good Norwegian bands?

I used to have a playlist on my iTunes but I’ve since deleted it, there’s this music blog that has some good scandinavian music. And of course they’re known for hardcore death metal  so Darkthrone, Immortal, Mayhem are some good ones. Kakkmaddafakka is a good chill indie one. Hope that helps.

Posted 7 months ago